Truth In Millage (TRIM) Notices

Annual Notice of Property Assessment (TRIM Notices) should be received by every property owner no later than the end of August. It shows the estimated "just value" of your property as of January 1.

Just value (market value) as defined by Florida Statute shall take into consideration the following factors:

  1. The present cash value.
  2. The highest and best use of the property.
  3. The location of the property.
  4. The quantity or size of said property.
  5. The cost of said property.
  6. The condition of said property.
  7. The income of said property.
  8. The net proceeds of the sale of said property.

Our primary mission at the Property Appraiser’s Office is to estimate fair and just values for all real and tangible properties in the county. Many factors influence value, and an important one is the amount that similar properties sell for on the open market.

All residences with a homestead exemption are limited to a 3% per year cap on assessment increases. When you purchase a home from someone who has had a “capped” value, the “capped” value will remain in effect only for the year of purchase.

Do not be misled that the current property taxes will remain the same in subsequent years. Under Florida law, a residence must be reassessed at market value when it sells. While you may pay a pro-rated portion of the seller’s taxes at closing, the next year’s assessment will be at market value. This TRIM notice reflects our estimate of your new market value as of January 1.

We want to be efficient, fair and user friendly. If you have comments or suggestions on how we can better serve you, please call (813) 272-6100 or e-mail us.


  1. When you receive your TRIM Notice, review it carefully. It will show both last year’s and this year’s values and exemptions. If you have an existing homestead exemption, any increase to your assessment may be limited to the Consumer Price Index increase or 3%, whichever is less. This is due to “Save Our Homes” Amendment 10 to the Florida Constitution.
  2. After noting this year’s value and before calling for a review, ask yourself whether your property can be sold for the indicated market value. This is crucial because Florida law requires that properties be appraised at fair market value. If you believe that you could not sell your property for the market value indicated on the enclosed notice, you may request a review.
  3. We need the following information to begin a review.
    • Folio or Property Identification Number (PIN). To find your property's folio or PIN number, perform a property search on our website. Tangible property owners can search here.
    • Owner’s name
    • Property address
    • Your phone number(s) and best time to call, work or home
    • Reason for review


  1. Visit one of our four offices that are currently accepting walk-in customers. These three offices are open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, excluding holidays.
  2. Mail your request to our downtown office. Reviews requested by mail will be given the same priority as reviews requested by phone, e-mail, or fax.
  3. Fax your request to:
    Real Estate Fax: 813-272-5519
    Tangible Property Fax: 813-301-7044
  4. Call our Customer Service staff with your general questions. Questions that deal with specific valuation will be referred to our appraisers.
    Real Estate Review: 813-272-6100     
    Tangible Property Review: 813-272-6988
  5. Submit a Property Value Review Request Form online. Once received, your request will be sent to the appropriate HCPA department for review and consideration. Property owners can expect to be contacted by one of our team members within 3-5 business days.

 ** También hay una versión en español del Formulario de Solicitud de Revisión del Valor de la Propiedad.


How is the value of my property estimated?
Our staff includes approximately 60 appraisers that are continually collecting property data. After analyzing sales of all types of properties, the data is entered into our computer assisted mass appraisal (CAMA) system to estimate values of more than 460,000 parcels.
Why would my property value increase if I haven't done anything to it?
Real estate values are established by buyers and sellers acting independently. If sale prices in your area increase, the market value of your property may increase. This is basic supply and demand of the marketplace.
Can the Property Appraiser lower my taxes or change my tax rates?
No. Tax rates and taxes are set by your local taxing authorities, such as the School Board, Board of County Commissioners, Children's Board, City Councils, Library, Transit Authority, Water Management District (SWFWMD), etc.
How long will it take for a review of my property?
We will answer general questions on the phone immediately and refer specific valuation questions to our appraisers. Our goal is to have an appraiser call you within five business days.
Why is there a difference in the market, assessed and taxable values?
Market value of your property is the most probable sales price your property should bring in a competitive and open market. Assessed value may be lower than the market value if the property is subject to the Save Our Homes Amendment or Non-Homestead cap. Taxable value is the assessed value less reductions from applicable exemptions.

2023 Millage rate

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The Hillsborough County Property Appraiser is an elected official charged with the duty and responsibility to appraise all of the property in the County. This includes real estate and tangible personal property (the equipment, machinery and fixtures) of businesses. 

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